EP Productions is the the brain child of Tyler Samples and Dave Jennings.

EP Stands for two things: Extended Play and Exchange Program.  Two ideas based in improv that seek to further improvised theater through production of improv based performances as well as an exchange of improv styles across the country by building ties through the improv world.  These ties are through performance, forms, ideas, instructors/coaches, and will one day be a continuous improv festival.

Check back often for more updates on Extended Play and the Exchange Program.

contact us here or through email at theEPproductions@gmail.com

Tyler Samples

Originally from Idaho, Tyler followed his park ranger parents to Minnesota, He attended Macalester College in St. Paul. He first studied improv there before taking classes and graduating from both the Brave New Workshop and ComedySportz TC. Tyler moved to Chicago to further his study of improvised theater. He is a Graduate of iO, and is a student of the Second City Conservatory, Musical Conservatory, and is a member of the Playground Co-Op. Tyler is Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director of EP Productions.

Dave Jennings

Originally from a farm just North of Milwaukee, Dave Jennings is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Department of Theatre Arts and Dance. While in Minneapolis he studied and taught at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre. He also spent a year performing for ComedySportz TC. In 2008 he moved to Chicago where he has since graduated from the Second City Conservatory program and has studied at several other theatres in Chicago. He is Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director of EP Productions.

Final Foxtrot

These Two can be seen performing in their two man/one man performanc

Final Foxtrot performing at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in 2010. Photo byMeredith Newell

e group “Final Foxtrot” which jumps in and out of character, and in and out of improv– in fact, in and out of reality during a typical 30 minute set.

Final Foxtrot is performed by Dave Jennings and Tyler Samples, and it is described as a “two man/one man improvised theater piece” where the actors take over each other’s characters and further the depth and development by reflecting the relationship from the opposing players point of view. This leads to a complete string of scenes that seem to bleed in and out of the characters minds. The senes are revisited and characters interact with relationships from their lives and sometimes with themselves.

Dave Jennings and Tyler Samples have trained at some of the top schools of improvisation in the world, but their unique experiences and educations have given them a desire to not merely improvise, but instead connect with the audience and expose real thought provoking experiences while still nodding to the audience that in the end, this is improv… we cannot really jump off a building on stage, but if we bring the audience with us, the emotions, the tricks of theatricality, space work, mime, and physical comedy, we can create the feelings of shared experiences between the audience and the characters brought to life on stage